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We do not only prepare our children academically, we also prepares them to cope up with life's pressing issues.

I present to you TIIF Resilience Dance Crew.

“This dance is called the Resilience Dance.

Resilience is something we have and that we develop when we overcome difcilties and problems.
The more we have the better we are at coping with problems – learn how we can help each other develop it.”

  1. What could it mean in life to ‘Fall Down’ – think of examples EG a friend or relative saying or doing something you did not like…doing something wrong in a lesson…taking something that did not belong
    to you and getting into trouble…dealing with a difcult time like school closing and lockdown because of Covid-19 etc
  2. What could it mean in life to ‘Get Up’ when you have ‘fallen down’? EG getting the courage to talk to a friend or relative who has said something you did not like and telling them how you feel…finding ways to keep happy and busy during the lockdown etc
  3. Why might you ‘Feel Strong’ once you have ‘got up’ EG – feeling good that you have tried what you can to solve a problem between yourself and a friend or a relative – even if it did not work–you tried! Etc
  4. ‘Why do you think we also stepped back one step after moving forward?’ We move three paces forward when we show resilience bit often there is an obstacle in our way pushing us back –this might be ourselves or other people or other challenges that come up.

Developing and showing resilience is not an easy movement forward. Sometimes we might feel we move more than ‘one step back. When children can fall down and get up in life and not just in dance you are Superbetter Children! Falling down can be called a Challenge. When we fall over, the thing we need most at this moment is to get up and keep trying.

Love you all.

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About Kelvin

Kelvin Nsekwila is a practicing primary school teacher in Isoka District of Zambia. He is also the Founder Executive Director of a local non profit organization; Tusekwile Imiti Ikula Foundation (TIIF) whose mission is to promote quality education for the most marginalized and vulnerable children in his community who have no limited access to education by building schools and offering financial support for the young learners to stay in school. Kelvin is a young, passionate, motivated community leader who speaks to the students, adolescents, teachers and members of the general public on matters concerning entrepreneurship, Sexual Reproductive and Health Rights, early marriages, youth empowerment, spiritual guidance and educational leadership and management. Kelvin has also worked in the private sector as both a senior teacher and a school manager. Besides being a graduate in the faculty of education, Kelvin is also a pursuant of Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI Network) courses including; Understanding Human Rights, Community Organization for Action and Servant Leadership- The Deciding Difference. Kelvin has held a range of leadership positions in the education sector and subsequently won accolades including; Global Goodwill Ambassador- Humanitarian, Capacity Building for Sustainable Development in the Education Sector- Texila American University, Ambassador and Country Representative at International Youth Parliament, Country Head for World Education Community and World Literacy Ambassador. Kelvin has also undergone trained as a peace builder by the Rotarian Action Group for Peace under the theme of Non-Violent Communication.