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Tusekwile Imiti Ikula Foundation was established in Isoka District, Zambia when the devastating effects economic hardships devastated the economy, health, and education of the community. Many children were unable to access basic education due to lack of resources, and access to schools.

The Foundation was established by Kelvin Nsekwila, a teacher who had a heart for his beloved community. Kelvin saw an opportunity to serve his people and community, and sought to bring life-changing education programs to children who had been long deprived of the chance. He opened the doors of the Foundation and welcomed the children in, providing them with the much-needed help and resources they desperately needed.

The children entered the Foundation with much curiosity and hope, and soon they exhausted their fear and hesitation and began to learn and explore the wonders literacy had to offer. Kelvin put great effort into making sure his students had everything they needed. He taught his students the basics of reading, writing and basic mathematics, as well as introducing them to more creative skills and activities, fostering their curiosity and intelligence.

The children's lives began to change rapidly as the Foundation provided support and resources not only through books, but also through other means. The Foundation worked with Kathryn, Liz, Arturo, Alan, Audrey, Cultivate, Global Youth Mobilization, The Pollination Project and Global Fund for Children to provide assistance with basic needs such as school uniform, school infrastructure, and textbooks and supplies. The learning and recovery program also provided a safe and warm social environment; the students and their families participated in educational seminars, talks, and rallies, encouraging and motivating each other.

The children's lives soon began to transform. The literacy learning and recovery program led to more ambition and self-confidence, allowing the students to dream bigger and strive for more. The children began to realize the power of knowledge and literacy, as they grew and evolved through learning, reading, and engaging in meaningful conversations with their class mates and teachers.

The Tusekwile Imiti Ikula Foundation transformed the lives of many children, providing them with the skills and resources to live with and confidence. It laid the foundation for the future, teaching them the importance of education, and giving them the opportunity to rise above the remnants of economic hardships and oppression, and create a better world for future generations.

Be part of this growing family today.

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About Kelvin

Kelvin Nsekwila is a practicing primary school teacher in Isoka District of Zambia. He is also the Founder Executive Director of a local non profit organization; Tusekwile Imiti Ikula Foundation (TIIF) whose mission is to promote quality education for the most marginalized and vulnerable children in his community who have no limited access to education by building schools and offering financial support for the young learners to stay in school. Kelvin is a young, passionate, motivated community leader who speaks to the students, adolescents, teachers and members of the general public on matters concerning entrepreneurship, Sexual Reproductive and Health Rights, early marriages, youth empowerment, spiritual guidance and educational leadership and management. Kelvin has also worked in the private sector as both a senior teacher and a school manager. Besides being a graduate in the faculty of education, Kelvin is also a pursuant of Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI Network) courses including; Understanding Human Rights, Community Organization for Action and Servant Leadership- The Deciding Difference. Kelvin has held a range of leadership positions in the education sector and subsequently won accolades including; Global Goodwill Ambassador- Humanitarian, Capacity Building for Sustainable Development in the Education Sector- Texila American University, Ambassador and Country Representative at International Youth Parliament, Country Head for World Education Community and World Literacy Ambassador. Kelvin has also undergone trained as a peace builder by the Rotarian Action Group for Peace under the theme of Non-Violent Communication.