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Tusekwile Imiti Ikula Foundation was established by a passionate young and energetic man, Kelvin Nsekwila, who was highly concerned about the high levels of illiteracy and gender based discrimination in rural areas of his country. Highly motivated to become a change maker, and committed to contribute his time, skills and energies for the benefit of the community, he is dedicated to the development of socially disadvantaged and vulnerable communities in Zambia.

Year of Establishment

Tusekwile Imiti Ikula Foundation was established in the year 2017.


No child should be left behind


TIIF envisions that all the vulnerable children and youths in Sansamwenje community, regardless of their socioeconomic background, are able to complete their education. This basic right will prepare them for lifelong success, a decent income for life and economic stability for the community at large. It also increases security and well-being in the community by lowering the number of early childhood marriages as well as the level of crime and prostitution.


Our mission is to break the cycle of poverty through the provision of quality, equitable and inclusive education and health care services in our community for vulnerable children and youths who have no access to education and proper health care services, by building more schools, providing access to life skills and supporting them to stay in school through financial support.


The core work of Tusekwile Imiti Ikula Foundation Zambia is to see to it that vulnerable children are given the right to education which primarily covers the following areas.

  1. Set up an advancement of educational collectives as well as advanced training programs for vulnerable children and youths.
  2. Provide vulnerable children and youths with school materials and financial support in schools to get through their education at all levels.
  3. Set up an integrated school and training systems that will equip vulnerable children and youths with vocational skills on the basis of an integrated approach in the remotest parts of the country.
  4. Conduct trainings that are aimed at encouraging children and youths to be proactive and more productive in their personal lives.
  5. Ignite the entrepreneurial spirit among children and youths by organizing motivational talks and workshops and also teach financial literacy to them in order to raise a generation that is financially fit.
  6. Undertake research on various matters in order to contribute to the body of knowledge in the education system.
  7. Contribute to the provision of health and wellness, water and sanitation, improving livelihoods and education and other social and cultural services in rural communities.
  8. Co-operate and collaborate with other organizations and government agencies involved in championing rural development.
  9. Advocate against vices that do not support development in communities such as; early marriage, substance abuse, gender based violence e.t.c.


Tusekwile Imiti Ikula Foundation’s focus is the social-economically disadvantaged groups of children and youth. The focus, amongst these groups, is again the most vulnerable and the marginalized ones. TIIF also focuses on the inclusion of minorities and special groups such as physically impaired persons.

Legal Status

Tusekwile Imiti Ikula Foundation is registered with the relevant authorities in the Democratic republic of Zambia.


Tusekwile Imiti Ikula Foundation is governed by its Board of Directors (BoD). The Board is the key policy making and governance body of the Foundation and works independently. The Executive Director of Tusekwile Imiti Ikula Foundation serves the board as the secretary and ex- officio member. The Board works in the guidelines of the constitution.


Tusekwile Imiti Ikula Foundation is led by its Executive Director who is the formal head of the organization. The Executive Director reports to the chairperson of the Board of Directors (BoD) and is responsible for the overall management of the organization.

Partners and Partnership

Partnerships are the reasons for the Foundation’s existence. Partners are those individuals, communities, and organizations and departments which joined hands for extending program interventions.

Values and Guiding Principals

Tusekwile Imiti Ikula Foundation follows certain values and guiding principles in all its dealings and interventions.

These include the following:

  • Openness
  • Sharing
  • Fairness
  • Tolerance
  • Transparency
  • Non-Discrimination