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Impact Story

The future is bright

Allow me to draw your attention about the great opportunity that exists in our community. Our community has over 4000 children under the age of sixteen who have no access to education due to many social economical challenges such as; unemployment levels among parents which makes it difficult for them to pay the school fees and raise funds for the required school materials, teachers are few because the community is underdeveloped and under resourced, the classrooms are overcrowded to allow the children to be properly educated and the community has only one primary school and one secondary school that are very far from most of the community members so children do not go to school because the distance is too great for them to cover.

Our organization has decided to address one cause that we know we will have great success in. We have already established a thatched structure and employed two community teachers who teach the fifty scholarshipped children who are currently enrolled at the school.

We are working closely with the local government and the community to continue the building and establishment of an additional school in the community that will equip children with practical survival skills. The community members molded over 14000 bricks and organized tones of river sand, building sand and stones. Currently we are on a mission to raise funds to buy the building materials and pay the workers.

Having the school will have great impact in our community! We know that when we keep children in school, that will prevent them from getting involved into childhood marriages and prostitution which in turn will prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, more children will be able to complete their secondary school, children will stop getting involved in substance abuse and begging from the streets, which leads to less crimes for our community.

Additionally, our businesses will thrive because they will have skilled employees, so think of the economic impact that will have on our community; we will have stronger, healthier and more stable families.
This all begins with educating children and we know that this will be deeply impacted by our work in building a primary school in the community.

Will you be part of the solution in this great opportunity?

Will you allow the vulnerable children to discover their full potential and excel in life?

Your support will have a tremendous impact today and unto the future of our community.