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Hello, I am Kelvin.

I run a community-based organization which provides services to the most vulnerable and marginalized children in the Sansamwenje community of Isoka District, Zambia. The organization serves in the areas of early childhood education and primary education.

I set it up because the children in Sansamwenje community have no access to early childhood education and primary education. The community has only one public primary school, which is unworkable for most (unaffordable). So our focus is to build schools in Sansamwenje community so as to allow more vulnerable children to have access to early childhood education and primary education.

Also, most parents are small scale farmers whose income cannot cover the basic costs of their children’s education. Subsequently, less than 3% of community children have obtained early childhood education and primary education.

This positions our community behind in having capable, educated workforce.

In response to these economic challenges, the organization has established a thatched structure and employed two community teachers who teach the fifty scholarship-supported children who are currently enrolled at our school.

My community has been deeply affected because of the coronavirus. We have been unable to work or make any movement because almost everything in my community had to shut down and we were forced to stay home.

School pupils have been staying home since the second week of March 2020 and resumed classes in second week of September 2020, this has negatively affected them. Many have become involved in activities that do not support their own or the community’s development such as; childhood marriage, substance abuse and prostitution.

Getting food and other necessities has been a challenge because the prices have increased and the markets are usually empty. This makes it difficult for us community members to feed our families, we have not been able to buy enough food that will take us for the next months, we have not been able to pay the bills and house rentals.

Regardless of all the social economic challenges we face, my community is blessed with beautiful united families, the government helps the elderly ones through social cash funds. The community is united and finds pleasure in working together.

Kind regards

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About Kelvin

Kelvin Nsekwila is a practicing primary school teacher in Isoka District of Zambia. He is also the Founder Executive Director of a local non profit organization; Tusekwile Imiti Ikula Foundation (TIIF) whose mission is to promote quality education for the most marginalized and vulnerable children in his community who have no limited access to education by building schools and offering financial support for the young learners to stay in school. Kelvin is a young, passionate, motivated community leader who speaks to the students, adolescents, teachers and members of the general public on matters concerning entrepreneurship, Sexual Reproductive and Health Rights, early marriages, youth empowerment, spiritual guidance and educational leadership and management. Kelvin has also worked in the private sector as both a senior teacher and a school manager. Besides being a graduate in the faculty of education, Kelvin is also a pursuant of Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI Network) courses including; Understanding Human Rights, Community Organization for Action and Servant Leadership- The Deciding Difference. Kelvin has held a range of leadership positions in the education sector and subsequently won accolades including; Global Goodwill Ambassador- Humanitarian, Capacity Building for Sustainable Development in the Education Sector- Texila American University, Ambassador and Country Representative at International Youth Parliament, Country Head for World Education Community and World Literacy Ambassador. Kelvin has also undergone trained as a peace builder by the Rotarian Action Group for Peace under the theme of Non-Violent Communication.